Axiom specializes in providing outstaffing and recruitment services for the IT, Back Office, Support, and Market Research industries. We have a track record of success in setting up effective remote command channels and executing complex IT projects. Axiom provides exceptional and reliable human resources solutions to our clients by effectively managing their non-core business processes. Our goal is to address the biggest challenge for global remote organizations: compliantly employing individuals anywhere. We enable businesses of all sizes to build a global team by handling global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance.

We differentiate ourselves in the technology staffing industry by taking the time to listen to our candidates and act as advisors to help them find the most valuable projects and opportunities for career growth. We also prioritize fair pay and diversity in our hiring process, and we work with clients who have a culture of inclusion and success for both their employees and clients.

our story

Some years ago, we were merely a team of developers. However, while working on projects, we have been able to connect with customers and other specialists worldwide. Consequently, we have had to engage colleagues to perform local tasks in different places. As a result, we have studied in detail the process of recruiting and outstaffing from within, conquering many difficulties.
As our business grew, we’ve had to acquire a large base of performers that work with our current customers. Axiom team provided cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, enabling clients to save time, resources, and money. After solving multiple recruiting and outsourcing problems for our customers, we then decided to share our services in that area with a larger base. We have successfully built effective remote command channels and carried out complex IT projects with our expertise.
Today, we can effectively manage the full outstaffing and recruitment cycle, from hiring to controlling workflow, and we guarantee results.


  • Igor Krasnopolsky

  • Evgeniia Kosterina

  • Irina Polyanskaya

  • Kristina Sheremet
    Technical Pre-Sales Manager

  • Inna Oznobikhina

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