Sales Specialist - Creative Sales Virtuoso

Axiom Pro, a leading outstaffing and recruitment company, is in search of a dynamic and creative sales professional to join our team. We are not just looking for someone who makes sales calls and reads scripts; we want a true professional and virtuoso of sales, someone who can infuse their work with energy, artistry, and creativity, captivating and engaging any client they encounter. If you’re passionate about AI-powered solutions and eager to revolutionize the sales process, this is the opportunity for you.

As a Sales Specialist at Axiom Pro, you’ll be at the forefront of our dynamic team, where every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. You’ll not only be selling a product but crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression on our clients.

Join us at Axiom Pro and redefine what it means to be a sales professional. If you’re ready to unleash your creativity and make a real impact, apply now!

Pre-Sales Pro: Collaborate with our marketing manager to not just qualify leads, but to paint a vivid picture of how’s features can transform our clients’ businesses. Your ability to deliver captivating product demos will be instrumental in sealing the deal.
Lead Generation: Think outside the box to develop and execute innovative strategies for lead generation. Your knack for creativity will ensure a steady stream of high-quality leads for both Axiom Pro services and
Sales Virtuoso: Guide identified leads through the sales journey with finesse, closing deals and earning performance-based commission along the way. Your artful approach to sales will set you apart as a master of your craft.
Hourly Hustle: Manage your time effectively to dedicate core hours (8-12 PM EST) to active engagement, with the flexibility to scale up to 8 hours daily. Your commitment to excellence will drive your success in this role.

– Flourish in a fast-paced, results-driven environment where creativity is celebrated.
– Possess an in-depth understanding of IT products, HR services, and AI recruitment solutions.
– Demonstrate a proven track record of successful sales conversions.
– Navigate technical discussions effortlessly and translate product value into client benefits.
– Excel in communication, with outstanding presentation and active listening skills.
– Thrive in autonomy and adapt well to a flexible work setting.

Mandatory Languages
– English

Working Day
– Full Time Job

Working Conditions
– Comprehensive training on Axiom Pro services and,
– Competitive hourly rate with growth potential, and performance-based commission for closed deals, a dynamic and collaborative work environment with endless growth opportunities.

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