Zoho Desk & SalesIQ Training Consultant

Axiom Pro, a leading outstaffing and recruitment company, is seeking a Zoho training consultant to assist a client in the designer sunglasses and prescription eyewear industry. The ideal candidate will have expertise in Zoho products and a passion for helping businesses in the fashion sector.

Our client is seeking a Zoho Desk and SalesIQ expert to deliver a training program for their team. This is a project-based position with a timeframe of 3-5 hours.

– – Develop a comprehensive training program covering Zoho Desk and SalesIQ functionalities relevant to the client's needs.
– – Deliver interactive training sessions to the client's team, ensuring clear and concise communication.
– – Tailor the training content to different user levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
– – Address questions and provide ongoing support to the team during and after the training.

– – Proven experience in Zoho Desk and SalesIQ configuration and administration.
– – Excellent training and presentation skills with the ability to engage learners.
– – Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
– – Ability to adapt training content to various user skill levels.

Mandatory Skills
– Zoho Desk
– Zoho SalesIQ

Mandatory Languages
– English

Working Day
– Project Based Job

Working Conditions
– Short-term project
– 3-5 hours consultation

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